"Boho Breeze" Halter Neck Blouse Indigo
"Boho Breeze" Halter Neck Blouse Indigo
Label Aarti Chauhan

"Boho Breeze" Halter Neck Blouse Indigo

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A Cotton Boho Breeze Halter Neck Blouse in solid colors typically features a casual yet chic design perfect for a relaxed, bohemian-inspired look. Here's a detailed description:

Fabric:Made from 100% breathable and lightweight cotton, providing comfort and ease for everyday wear.
Halter Neck: Features a classic halter neck design that ties at the back, offering an adjustable fit and a stylish, open-shoulder look.
Plain Colors: Available in a range of solid, plain colors such as white, black,pink,indigo,green,yellow and rust, making it versatile and easy to pair with various sarees and bottoms.

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